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T'ai Chi Chuan Form Classes
These offer the full system including a variety of Chi Kung exercises and a T'ai Chi form. These classes tend to be longer - more like 1 1/2 to 2 hours and generally run as distinct courses for a set number of weeks. There are more advanced classes available once a form has been learnt.
Depending on the class there may be different forms taught. Most beginners courses will cover the 24 Step Form; a Yang family style sequence that lasts about 8 minutes at average speed. This form is a good introduction to all aspects of the art and is commonly practised for health, meditation and martial aspects. Classes are sometimes divided in to 'Part 1' or 'Part 2' to indicate where the class has progressed to in the form. New members are welcome at any time but should realise that in Part 2 classes the emphasis is on the second half of the form. Depending on the length of the course and class times an introduction to sensitivity partner-work known as push hands and sticky hands and martial applications may also be taught. 
Other forms that we teach are the Chen style Old Frame (Lao Jia) a Chen family form regarded by many as the original T'ai Chi form. It tends towards stronger postures with some faster, more explosive movements with the full sequence totalling 74 moves. Classes include 'Silk Reeling' exercises, push hands and martial applications. This form is taught at an intermediate level. We also cover a range of T'ai Chi weapons including Long sword and sabre – again generally taught at intermediate level.
Finally there is the 10 Step Form Unique to Grey Heron Internal Arts this adaptable form can be learnt as a standing or chair based sequence and practised in a small space.. It is generally taught in shorter classes or short courses and workshops. A great and accessible introduction to T'ai Chi Chuan for people who for one reason or another are unable to commit to learning a longer form to start off.

  • Learning a form is a great thing to do and once you are able to follow the sequence they are complete and a wonderful way to improve health and well being and reduce stress.
  • Most people will do a full beginners course (30 weeks) more than once. This is not necessarily a bad thing – learning something slowly and methodically is a great change of pace to the fast moving, multi tasking world we live in; but it does mean that ideally you will need to be in a position to make that long term commitment – and set aside a little time to practise.
  • You should also be aware that the forms are all standing (unless you are learning our specially adaptable 10 Step form) and so if this is likely to be an issue for you then we will need to look at ways of adapting movements to your circumstances – which we are most happy to do.
  • If you are interested in the martial aspect of T'ai Chi then these classes provide an important step – though they are also great for those only interested in the health and meditational aspects too.
  • These classes are open to all ages and types of people; if you have some form of special health need and wish to discuss integrating yourself in to the class please contact us..


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