​​Grey Heron Internal Arts

These classes focus on individual exercises and short sets of movements. The key difference between these and the T'ai Chi Chuan classes is that there is no work on a T'ai Chi form. Some experienced practitioners believe that the 'Chi Kung' element is the key to understanding these internal arts.
The exercises we teach are suitable for beginners or more advanced practitioners and are drawn from a variety of Chi Kung sets including '8 Strands of the Brocade' and the various T'ai Chi Chi Kung sets. They offer a wide range of internal and external aspects and encompass the key principles common to all aspects of the art. Many people who are learning T'ai Chi Chuan with its' complex forms and martial aspects also attend these classes to focus on key principles in a simpler format.

  • These classes are often a good starting point for new people offering great benefits and insights in a simple format – insights that will
  • Those who might find their training interrupted won't be liable to feel that they have somehow 'missed out' on learning a particular movement.
  • The exercises offer a simple path to building you own practice without having to remember the previous moves of a sequence.
  • Busy people who simply are looking for a chance to relax and feel better without having to concern themselves with learning a sequence will find these classes a gentle way of finding some space form themselves.
  • Most classes of this type last for no more than an hour – and if you choose to rest during this time you won't get out of sequence. You will of course benefit more if you build up a practice but if you don't you will still be able to engage well with these classes as they tend to have the same simple patterns as the core of each class.
  • Although standing it is a simple matter to follow these exercises from a suitable chair should you wish to – and your tutor will be able to help you find appropriate ways of doing this.
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