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T'ai Chi and Chi Kung are often described as moving meditation. Meditation is seen by many as the heart of these arts. Sayings like `first in the mind' and `the Chi follows the mind and the body follows the Chi' are common elements in the T'ai Chi classics; it follows therefore that training the mind, or awareness are regarded as crucial. The meditative aspect of these arts strengthens and informs all others, whilst in its turn our ability to train the mind is supported by our training in other aspects.

T'ai Chi and Chi Kung are mindful practises. We make use of our breath, posture and movement to improve our ability to focus and anchor our thoughts, to cultivate a quality of stillness and calm. As we progress, we further focus through an awareness of certain parts and points in our body. In the case of T'ai Chi, interaction with our partners in push hands and other martial and sensitivity exercises deepens this focus. Training in this way enables us to extend our awareness and ability to interact outwards as well as inwards, even to the environment in which we exist, and those we share it with.

The whole tradition of T'ai Chi & Chi Kung has had long association with the major philosophical and spiritual traditions of China; Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Because of this elements of the meditational practises of these traditions are often found in association with T'ai Chi and Chi Kung. For instance, it is very common to find practises of Taoist energy cultivation and development such as the so called 'Microcosmic Orbit' in association with Chi Kung, but it is important to first develop the mindfulness aspect of the art as the clarity gained in this is required for the latter developments. The links between the actual practises and the religious/philosophical traditions is so strong the Chi Kung is sometimes divided into to Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian categories.

Grey Heron classes often use sitting meditation along side the moving and standing practises
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