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T'ai Chi and Chi Kung have become widely renowned as exercises that can help improve health for a wide variety of people. The emphasis on developing an awareness of our bodies and basic principles like centring, good posture and relaxation, offers a way for people to work positively with their own health.

T'ai Chi and Chi Kung work with natural movements and structures enabling participants to find appropriate and gentle ways of exercising. The calm, balanced movements characteristic of theses arts reflect the concern of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with restoring a balance of body, mind and energy that is the primary concern of all of the various techniques of this ancient system. T'ai Chi and Chi Kung can help cultivate a feeling of centred well being and provide a relief from the strains and stresses of everyday life, physical, mental and emotional. Attention to posture helps us to correct structural, balance and movement problems and helps us improve breathing. The flowing movements improves circulation of both the energy and blood.

By paying close attention to subtle aspects of posture and movement these arts can also be seen as a form of 'mindfulness' – a meditative techniques that is increasingly seen as a way of helping a range of conditions such as depression, chronic pain and stress related problems.

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung can help a person maintain a healthy and centred lifestyle and increase well-being. They can help to:
Improve mobility and balance.
Aid management and recovery from long term physical and mental illness, Injury and Stroke.
Correct postural problems.
Improve respiration and circulation and increasing oxygen intake.
Increase range and quality of movement for people suffering from debilitating conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease.
Relieve and manage chronic pain.
Reduce stress and tension.
Provide a challenging and accessible activity.
Develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle

To help you find a class that is appropriate read through the class descriptions elsewhere on this website. You can also download a dedicated newsletter with full details of our classes and information about which class to choose here . If you have any questions please contact us.
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