​​Grey Heron Internal Arts

Grey Heron Internal Arts Resources; Online Notes and Videos
Thi s page lists various resources for regular students. For imformation about  our classes and approach to these arts poease go to our home page  

See list below for available documents to download. These documents are freely available but please do not distribute them further without permission from your tutor. Many of these documents will be updated at regular intervals so remember to check back.
There are also links to articles online by GHIA members and other sources.

General Documents
These are relevant to students from all classes.
Enjoying your Class
Important information (especially for new students) covering areas like eating and drinking, appropriate clothing and health and safety Doc or PDF
Introductory Notes
Some information about the history and background ideas Doc or PDF
Exercise Photosheet.
Showing and describing a few of the basic standing exercises we learn in many of the classes Doc or PDF
Integrated T'ai Chi Exercises
Written descriptions of of some of the basic exercises. PDF
T’ai Chi Chuan 24 Step
These documents are specific to people learning the 24 Step T’ai Chi Chuan form.
Detailed notes following the numbering system we use in the form. These notes take you through the entire form stage by stage Doc or PDF
Background Notes 
An ad hoc series  of discussion documents on various aspects of the Internal Arts by Mike Tabrett and others. The views expressed are not intended to represent all of us all of the time.
Body, Mind and Energy; The Chi Doc or PDF
Mindfulness, Stillness & Central Equilibrium; Meditation in T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung Doc or PDF
Introduction to the 5 Elements Doc or PDF
 Articles in Other Sites Online. Some of these are by GHIA members. Others are articles by people form other schools here because of we consider them as valuable but you should realise that in some cases they come from different backgrounds and approaches to the art.
T’ai Chi Falls and Balance
An article, published in the excellent T’ai Chi Chuan magazine (published by the T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain), by Mike and Physiotherapist/T’ai Chi player Sandra Core. Based on a seminar we delivered to the T’ai Chi & Chi Kung Forum for Health.
T'ai Chi Chuan; Fighting System or Healing Art?
Another article by Mike in the magazine of the T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain.
TCUGB; Meet the Tutor – Faradena Afifi
GHIA tutor featured in a regular column in the T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain’s magazine
Articles From Other Authors
Tai Chi Chuan as an Aid to Epilepsy by Fergus Ryan
An article by a good friend of mine on his personal experience managing epilepsy with the help of T’ai Chi.
PUSHING HANDS A Beginners' Guide To The Galaxy by Linda Chase Broda.
Wonderful take on Push Hands and life from the late Linda Chase Broda. Linda was a great friend to many of us and a huge influence. Not only was she a keen push hands player but also founded and steered the T’ai Chi & Chi Kung Forum for Health. 
Roots of Mindfulness Meditation by Roy Hanney. Interesting article discussing Mindfulness in relation to T’ai Chi and other Chinese arts.
Online Videos
Mostly extracts from old films. Not for public viewing please.

24 Step T'ai Chi Chuan  Front View   Rear View
Rooting Down, Wild Goose and Parting the Clouds 

Pigeon Spreads It's Wings, Casting the Net and Pushing the Wave

Integrated T'ai Chi Preparation

Integrated TC Exercises

Web Links
T’ai Chi Classics  Lee Scheeles excellent site giving translations of some of thwe classic textx in the literary tradition of T’ai Chi Chuan
Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu    This site offers a range of topics connected with Taoism including tranlations of some of the classic texts.