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T'ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung offer a diverse range practises from complicated sequences that can be adapted to martial principles to sitting meditation. GHIA offers the full system in different classes to suit people of all needs and interests; including the traditional T'ai Chi form classes, simpler T'ai Chi & Chi Kung Exercise classes and our speciality the part seated Integrated T'ai Chi & Chi Kung classes. These will all offer challenging insights in to the world of the Chinese Internal Arts.

Finding a class that suits you can be a tricky process when there is such a range avaialble. If you are able to you are welcome to try out different classes before you commit to one - please try and make contact with the tutor before doing this - you can find our contact details here . You are also of course welcome to change classes - many people for instance might start in one of the 'T'ai Chi & Chi kung exercise classes (some of which are 'drop in' classes) and after a while switch to a T'ai Chi form class - or vice versa. Once you have more insoight you will find that you have a much clearer idea of what you would like to achieve and your tutor can help you find other classes to help you. It is natural with such diverse arts that we often find ourselves becoming interested is aspects we had not considered before so try and keep an open mind - and above all - enjoy yourself!

Follow the links below to find out more about different classes, to help you choose the right class for you. You are welcome to try out diffrent classes to see which one suits you best.

If you are coming to your fist class then you might find it useful to download the PDF 'Enjoying Your Class' which has useful information it. Download here

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