​​Grey Heron Internal Arts


Unique to GHIA, these are mixed ability classes working with various combinations of standing and seated exercises in a way that both makes them a fascinating insight for regular practitioners and available to people with mobility problems, including wheelchair users and others with special health needs. These classes allow people who might normally find a T'ai Chi or Chi Kung class difficult to attend to benefit from these practises without any 'dumbing down' of key principles as well as offering a fresh perspective for all participants – including the teacher!

  • If standing for any length of time is difficult for you or you need a less physically strenuous activity then these could be the right classes for you to benefit from T'ai Chi.
  • Working from a chair and moving to standing means that you will be able to develop these principles in a more comfortable and relaxed manner which you can then apply to more challenging circumstances when you are ready.
  • As with the T'ai Chi & Chi Kung (standing) classes these sessions will work with a basic core of exercises each week so if you are new to this, or if you are likely to miss classes for some reason you will still be able to follow.
  • If you are already experienced with these arts then the seated adaptations offer a fascinating insight to key principles that can illuminate your understanding of the standing postures and exercises and appreciate how adaptable and practical they can be.

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